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Our 11 Circle Download, Hello everyone, in this essay we will discuss the My11Circle app. This app is for imagination. By forming a team, you can make real money here. One of the top fantasy applications in India is this one. The My11Circle software is 100 percent safe and does not engage in any form of cheating.

Many people do not know about this app, so in this article complete information about My11Circle has been given. So let’s know

What is My11Circle?

Through the My11circle app, thousands of people have received cash prizes, many of them are also from rural areas. A well-known Fantasy Sports app is My11circle. which, in a very short period of time, has more than 10 lakh users.

Sourav Ganguly, the current president of the BCCI and a former captain of India, is mostly responsible for the My11circle app’s popularity. Cricket players like Rashid Khan and Shane Watson also advertise the My11circle App in addition to this.

Application NameMy11Circle App
File Size54 MB
App Store Rating4.5/5 stars
Company NameGames24x7 Pvt. Ltd
FounderBhavin Pandya
OfficeMumbai, India
Total DownloadsOver 5 Crore
Last Update11 July, 2023

How to Download My11Circle App?

My11Circle App was previously absent from the Google Play Store, but it is now accessible there. Therefore, My11Circle App is simple to download from Play Store.

Step-1 To start, open the Google Play Store app on your phone and type “My11Circle” into the search field.

Step-2 The Fantasy Gaming App will appear on either the first or second number. you can download and install after that.

Step-3 If the My11Circle App is not available on the Play Store, you may still download it by going to the My11Circle official website.

How to create account in My11Circle App?

After downloading the My11Circle App,

Making an account is a pretty simple process. You must take a few simple procedures, which we shall outline in more detail, in order to register for the app.

Step-1 First, click the App to launch it. And then select Register.

Step-2 After clicking Register, a new page with a short form you must fill out will appear. You must fill out the following details in this:

Input 4 to 12 characters for your username.
Make a password; it must have at least six digits.
Type in your cell phone number.

otp fill

Enter the email ID

Step-3 After filling the details, you have to click on register and after that your account will be ready on the application.

How to use My11Circle?

You must understand how to use My11Circle before doing anything. so that you are able to fully comprehend and utilise all of My11Circle’s available options.

When you are at home, you will find options for games like cricket and football here. If you select a game, all of its matches will be displayed to you here. In addition, you will notice Upcoming, Live on the home screen. It will also display this choice.
When a match linked to your chosen game is scheduled, it will be displayed here in Upcoming, which you may access by clicking on it.

Live – When a game of your choosing is in progress, it appears in

Complete – After clicking on Complete, you may see every single match that has been finished in the game you have chosen. Every time a match is finished or you enter a contest on a match, you will be displayed here once the match is over.

League – The league in which you will be given information about the league-related contest is the option show that appears after pressing the Home button. In addition to this, you also learn about champions in this.

Refer & Earn: Select this option if you want to get paid for spreading the word about this game. which has other sharing options in addition to What’s App, SMS, email, and referral links. Afterward, you can duplicate your

Promotions – From this page, you may learn about upcoming unique competitions. More significant information about the contest’s offer price is provided in this section.

Clicking More gives you access to useful work alternatives like Account Details, Withdrawals, the Fantasy Point System, Help, and Support.

How to play My11Circle?

If you have downloaded My11Circle and have also ryegistered in it

Your task will be completed. You merely need to participate in any competition; you don’t even need to do anything like bowling or batting.

You must put together a team in order to enter the competition, and the performance of your team will determine your rank.

Friends, creating a team and entering a contest are both relatively simple processes in My11Circle. For any given match, you can assemble not just one team but six. Let’s learn how to play this game together, friends –

Step 1 –

You must first be on the My11Circle home screen.
You must first choose the game you wish to play here.
Thereafter, you have

You must then remain on Upcoming.
After that, you’ll start seeing match shows for the game you’ve chosen here.
Step 2 –

This screen will appear once you click on any match and it will list all the upcoming matches. The Join Button will be displayed, as you can see in the image. Additionally, your entry fee will be the amount you wrote above the Join button.
After confirming the entrance cost, you can also confirm the prize amount for any contest you wish to enter by clicking anywhere on the contest page other than join.
Following that, you can determine which contest

Friends, till now you must have understood that how to join a contest. But your process is not complete yet, you have to build your team now.

How to make My11Circle Team?

Following your click on the contest’s join button, you must choose the members of your team. Friends, allow us to now inform you of the step taken by the My11Circle Team.

You first select Player Category.

After that, you will be shown the appropriate players from the category you picked, so select the player you want to add to your 11-man team by clicking the Green Plus button.

Similar to that, you must choose players from 4 different categories before you can enter the contest and pay the entry fee by clicking the next button.

Credit remaining
First of all, as you can see here, there are credits left to show.

Look at the credits for the Left Show, where 100 is listed. Along with this, you will see a list of the players, where you will notice some credits that may fluctuate depending on the ranking of the players.

Any person you choose will have his credit points lowered by all of these credit points, leaving you with 100 credit points. You must therefore assemble an 11-player team.

Players Category: As you can see, there are just four player categories available. You have to choose players from these 4 categories for the shows Wicket Keeper, Batsmen, All Rounders, and Bowlers.

Each of these categories fits you.

to keep in mind that you can choose no more than seven players from one squad from the current game.

Choose Players – This is what you will see when you click on one of the player categories. Consequently, you may choose between a minimum and a maximum of players from this group.

We already knew what a credit point was, what a player’s category was, and how many players could choose from each category at the minimum and maximum numbers, but now we will also be able to add more players.

Choose Players – From the list of player categories above, choose which category you want to view a list of players under. Additionally, you will see the player’s name along with a

After completing all this process, your My11Circle contest is over. You have to wait for the start of this match.

How to Add Cash in My11Circle?

You will need money to play in My11Circle, but if you participate in the Practise Contest, you won’t need any money. However, even if you win, you won’t receive anything.

You can decide whether to add money to your account or not. You can also deposit at least 25 rupees into your account in addition to this. To receive a bonus of 1500, you must also add 1000. Only then will you receive a bonus of 1500, albeit bonuses are awarded whenever you add money.

You must select the Cash contribute button located at the top of the screen in order to contribute money.
You must type that amount after this. that you wish to include.
Afterward, you must click.

How to get 1500 bonus in My11Circle?

Friends, if you want to get a bonus of 1500 in My11circle, 

then you must deposit 1000 rupees into your account for this in order to receive the bonus of 1500, which results in the deposit of a total of 2500 rupees into your account. wherein your bonus of 1500 rupees will be applied after you have added 1000 rupees.

You can only enter the contest with this bonus if you receive a total bonus of $2500. It is not accessible through your bank account. Friends, you may still play My11circle if you don’t want to accept the bonus, but you’ll need to deposit at least 25 rupees into your account to do so.

My11Circle Point System –

Good points are needed to win any match on My11Circle,

My11Circle App Batting Point System

30 runs2

My11Circle App Bowling Point System

Wicket  1012810
Maiden over420

My11Circle App Fielding Point System

Run-out Direct666
Run-out With Help333

My11Circle App Strike Rate Point System

Strike RateT20ODI
Less than 50-3-2
50 to 74.99-2-1
75 to 99.99-10
100 to 149.9901
150 to 199.9922

My11Circle App Economy Rate Point System

Economy RateT20ODI
Less than 333
3.00 to 4.4922
4.50 to 5.9911
6.00 to 7.490-1
7.50 to 8.99-1-2

Some tips related to My11Circle –

  • If you don’t know much about cricket, that doesn’t mean you can’t win; nobody can predict who will play well when, so you still have a chance. Before the game begins, you should know a little something about the players, such as who is likely to play well today.
  • Before the start of every match, a lot of knowledgeable people make predictions about it. Additionally, you ought to remember what they said, and then you can decide whether to form a strong team.
  • Which team is playing first? Keep an eye on this later and adjust your team as necessary. Determine which player will do well.

How to Withdraw Money from My11Circle?

To withdraw money, you need to know that you can withdraw money only if you have at least 100 rupees in your accoun

  • You must first click on More, which is located at the bottom.
  • You must click on the option to Show of Withdrawals in the List Show that appears after this before you can click on Request Withdrawals.
  • Following that, you must fill out this form with your banking information, including your bank account number, account holder name, and IFSC code.
  • Once you have correctly entered your banking information, click Save to save your information.
  • After filling out the Banking Details and Withdrawable Amount fields above, you can withdraw your money.
  • Your money won’t appear in your account for at least 3 days after you make a withdrawal.


You must have read this post and learned about the My11Circle app. You can post a question in the comments section if you have any questions about this article, and we will answer them.

If you enjoyed this post, please the word to your friends so they can download the My11Circle app and start making money.

Where is My11Circle app company?

My 11 Circle app is an Indian Online Fantasy Gaming Application. Whose headquarter is located in Mumbai.

When was the My11Circle app launched?

the year 2019, My11Circle app was launched by Play Games 24X7 Pvt. Ltd. It was launched by the co-founders of Bhavin Pandya and Trivikraman.

How to earn money from My11circle App?

My11circle App you can earn money by playing Fantasy Games and referring your friends

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