How To Change types Charging Sound On Android just single click

We’ll explain how to change the Android charging sound in this post. When we plug the charger into our smartphone, it will undoubtedly ring. It will also make a notification sound when we remove the charger from the phone after the battery has finished charging.

For those of you who are tired of the standard drum notification or default noises, you can now replace them with music, text-to-speech, custom voices, and ringtones by downloading an app from the Google Play store.

To customize your own charging sound on an Android phone, read this text carefully before clicking on the download link for the program that is provided below.

You can utilize this function not just on iPhones running iOS 14, but also on Android phones thanks to apps that work similarly. You can utilize a variety of battery notification settings, including those that activate when you connect in and those that deactivate your smartphone charger when the battery is full and low, respectively.

So, how can I change the Android charging sound? Here are the procedures.

How To Change types Charging Sound On Android 

You must use the website to make a sound if you want to customize the charging sound on your Android phone. You can type text here, and it will be converted to voice. Both male and female voice options are available here. The fascinating feature of this website is that it also supports Hindi.

Simply input the sentences you want, choose the audio format, and either a male or female voice, then click the “Create Audio” button. The audio is then available for playback, listening, and downloading here.

Create Custom Charging Sound On Android

  1. To begin, click the link provided below this post to download the app.
  2. Use the following app on your phone.
  3. When connecting a smartphone charger, tap the plus (+) button to start playing sound notifications.
  4. Next, adjust the settings as indicated below.
  5. You can select the sound you desire, whether it be a text-to-speech option, ringtone, or audio file.
  6. If you use audio files, by selecting the File Browser option on, you can select the custom voice that you produced.
  7. Touch the text-to-speech section and then write the notification text you want to use if you want to use Google voice notifications.
  8. To save the settings, click the floppy disk symbol.
  9. You can apply the aforementioned technique repeatedly.
  10. Next, click the red button located beneath the app.

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