Angel One Affiliate Program With ₹125 Commission (July 2023)

Trust in Angel One (previously Angel Broking) is held by 10 million clients. For all of your trading and investing requirements, it serves as a one-stop shop. Angel One makes trading and investing in stocks simple, reasonable, and easy by offering a free Demat account, digital KYC or onboarding, and flat brokerages. The best trading affiliate programs are offered by Angle One, where you can sign up and receive a guaranteed fee of up to 125 per lead.

Every time a friend or relative opens a demat account on Angle One using your affiliate link, you will receive a real commission. As an affiliate marketer for Angle One, you may make up to 125 per lead.

Angel One Commission Rate Details

The Commission is the amount an Earn user earns on every Demat account opened through their Angel One affiliate links.

User TypeCommission / Profit Rate
New UserUp to ₹125 per lead*
Old UserUp to ₹125 per lead*

*On every successful Demat Account Opening

Angel One Affiliate Program Benefits

1. Earning Potential

You may easily earn up to 5,000 per month as an affiliate marketer by promoting Angel One services. You can significantly increase your earnings by increasing the number of Demat accounts opened using your referral link.

Timelines for tracking and confirming profits
Within 24 hours of a transaction, Earn routinely tracks Angel One transactions; commission confirmation can take up to 90 days.

The cost
If you have a confirmed commission of Rs. 10 or more, you can ask for a transfer of your commission straight to your bank account.

No Supporting Documents Needed
To sign up as an Angel One affiliate on Earn ,no documentation is required. Simply download the app and register for FREE to get started.

Tools for Automation
Affiliates can utilize the unique Magic Tool from Earn.

automate the deal-sharing process. This will simplify and make the process more efficient; it is recommended for people who own Facebook, Telegram, and WhatsApp groups.

Campaign Paused

Why Choose Earn to Become an Angel One Affiliate Marketer?

Here are the top 2 benefits of using EarnKaro to join the Angel One affiliate program.

Earn up to 125 on each successful Demat account opening by sharing the affiliate link with your friends and family.
You can easily deposit all of the commission you earn into your bank account.

Important Details About Angel One Affiliate Program

Type of campaignCPL
Joining feesFree
Exclusive CouponsNo
Profit Confirmation90 days
Deep linking possibleYes
Earning through Referral Program10%

Tracking Information

Tracking time is the time a transaction takes to show up in your Earn account in Pending status.

Tracking time or frequency24 hours
Cookie Duration30 days
Mobile WebYes
Multiple ConversionsYes

Marketing Options For Promotions

Text LinkYes
Email (Text)Yes
Custom Email (Text)Yes
Email (HTML)Yes
POP TrafficYes
Native AdsYes
Social MediaYes
Facebook AdsYes
SEM – Brand Keyword(s)No
SEM – Generic Keyword(s)Yes
SEM – Brand + Generic Keyword(s)Yes

Payment Information

Payment Duration6-8 days
Requirement for PaymentBank details only
Mode of PaymentNEFT
Minimum Withdrawal₹10

Please take note that the commission will not be “Confirmed” and will instead be “Cancelled” in accordance with policies if the user’s transaction is canceled or returned for any reason.

Commission rates can change and vary depending on the retailer. Before promoting, please review the commission rates on the Earn app or website.

Why Choose Angel One Affiliate Program?

Using the online share trading platform provided by Angel One, you can invest, trade, and grow your money by dealing in stocks, US stocks, initial public offerings (IPOs), mutual funds, commodities, futures, and options. Through our online, Android, and iOS applications, Angel One can offer expert research for Technical Analysis, stock recommendations, and trading suggestions because of their more than 20 years of experience in the broking sector. When someone registers a Demat account using your referral link to Angel One, you might make up to 125 by signing up as an affiliate.

What is Angel One commission rate?

With Angel One, you can earn up to ₹125 on every successful bank account opening. As an affiliate marketer, you can easily make up to ₹5,000 per month by marketing Angel One services. By increasing the number of Demat accounts opened using your affiliate link, you can considerably improve your earnings

Who can become Angel One affiliate partner?

This program can be joined by anyone who has a website (blog), YouTube Channel & or a good number of followers on any social media channel. You can join the program and start earning by sharing the Angel One product links within your network.

What are the Angel One partner program benefits?

Angel One Affiliates collaborate with Angel One to provide Angel One Demat account services. Affiliates have access to special sales, promotions, and exclusive deals, and they get paid a commission on every Demat account they open. Angel One can help you with a side earning without making much of an effort.

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