American Express Affiliate Program with ₹400 Commission in July 2023

American Express is a well-known international payments provider that offers credit and charge cards to people and businesses all over the world. American Express provides a wide range of financial products and acts as both the credit card issuer and processing network for its cards.

Become an affiliate marketer for American Express to profit on each successful American Express Smart Earn Credit Card disbursement. Receive a commission of up to 400 on each successful referral.

American Express Affiliate Commission Rate Details

The commission is the amount an Earn user earns on every successful card disbursal through their American Express affiliate links.

User TypeCommission (on successful card disbursal)
New UserUp to ₹400
Old User

Program Benefits

1. Earning Potential

You have the chance to make more than Rs 10,000 each month as an American Express affiliate marketer by sharing information about the American Express Smart Earn Credit Card with your network.

Timelines for tracking and confirming profits
Within 24 to 48 hours, Earn tracks every transaction you made with an American Express card. However, it can take up to 60 days for the commission to be confirmed.

The cost
You can request a bank transfer of your profits as soon as you have a minimum confirmed amount of 10 pounds. To request payment, go to My Profile > My Earnings.

No Supporting Documents Needed
There is no paperwork necessary to sign up as an Earn affiliate marketer for American Express. Just download the app and register for nothing.

Tools for Automation
To help you, Earn has created a unique Magic Tool.

simplifying and improving your deal-sharing process. Users with large Facebook, WhatsApp, or Telegram groups can use these tools.

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Why Choose Earn to Become an Affiliate Marketer?

The following are the top 3 benefits of using Earn to sign up as an American Express affiliate partner.

You can spread the word about the American Express Smart Earn Credit Card among your network as an affiliate marketer for American Express.
Receive a verified commission for each successful card transaction made using your affiliate link for American Express.
Your profits can be easily transferred from your Earn o account to your bank account.

Important Details About American Express Affiliate Program

PayoutUp to ₹400 (on successful card disbursal)
Type of campaignCPL
Relationship historyNA
Joining feesFree
Profit Confirmation60 days
Deep linking possibleNA
Earning through Referral ProgramNA

Tracking Information

Tracking time is the time a transaction takes to show up in your Earn account in Pending status.

Tracking time or frequencyWithin 24 – 48 hours
Cookie Duration30 days
Mobile WebYes
Multiple ConversionsYes

Marketing Options For Promotions

Text LinkYes
Email (Text)Yes
Custom Email (Text)Yes
Email (HTML)Yes
POP TrafficYes
Native AdsYes
Social MediaYes
Facebook AdsYes
SEM – Brand Keyword(s)No
SEM – Generic Keyword(s)Yes
SEM – Brand + Generic Keyword(s)Yes

Payment Information

Payment Duration6-8 days
Requirement for PaymentBank details only
Mode of PaymentNEFT
Minimum Withdrawal₹10

Why Choose American Express Affiliate Program?

In the payments sector, American Express is a well-known and widely trusted brand. American Express cardholders receive special bonuses and privileges that improve their overall experience. Access to airport lounges, travel insurance, concierge services, and exclusive deals from affiliate retailers are just a few examples of these benefits. American Express is a practical option for foreign travelers and online consumers looking for a seamless payment solution because of its extensive acceptance network around the world.

When an American Express Smart Earn Credit Card is successfully disbursed through your referral link, you can earn up to Rs 400 in compensation as an American Express affiliate marketer.

Does American Express have an affiliate program?

Yes. American Express does offer an affiliate program through which you can earn money by promoting American Express credit cards.

How much is the American Express referral bonus?

You can get up to ₹400 on every successful referral as an American Express affiliate partner.

How can I join the American Express Affiliate Program?

You can join the American Express affiliate program via Earn. All you have to do is download the EarnKaro app and signup for free. Then you can create and start sharing American Express affiliate links with your network.

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